The Quintessential Team

creatively and responsibly ambitious

Scott Ashton

Owner, Exec Producer

Scott is a production and creative specialist with over 30 years in the global event industry. Scott has experience across the full gamut of event sectors and has a heritage in entertainment, creating and delivering global productions for large audience, arena and stadium shows as well as bespoke and tactical brand activations.

Katie Overton-Hart

Global Account Director

With over 25 years’ experience in live events, both agency and corporate, Katie has diverse experience and a proven track record of delivering a portfolio of successful campaigns to a very high standard. Katie recognises the importance of the customer journey, whether it be an internal or external audience and that quality ROI is essential when measuring for success and design of a critical path is a roadmap for the outcome. Katie is forward-thinking and always looks outside the box, giving energy and passion to her creative and innovative solutions.

John Gray

Event Production Director

John has 30 years of hands-on, organisational and managerial experience in live-performance events. Constantly at the forefront of the event industry John has honed his craft from the ground up. In addition to working with some of the biggest names in the music world John has managed multiple premier green field festival and international sports productions.

Amy Hedges

Head of Finance

Amy has worked within the finance and accounting sector for more than 15 years and has extensive expertise. Working closely with the senior management team Amy oversees day to day financial management and process as well as crafting financial strategies and efficiencies. Amy has oversight of project budgets supporting cashflow management, budget accuracy and fiscal reporting.

Shane Atken

Head of Design

Shane brings over 25 years design, photography, branding and graphics experience to the team. Overseeing all creative output, working closely with clients and partners to realise and deliver communication, branding and design concepts. Shane is highly skilled and competent across the full gamut of design software and digital tools. Coordinating and managing the flow and output of the creative brief and branding requirements - maximising impact and delivering client messages and narratives to suit all event scenarios, both on and offline.

Ryan Hull

Head of Digital

Ryan is experienced in developing all aspects of digital resource and a range of business tools. Ryan’s specialisms include the development of digital, online and e commerce solutions. Ryan has a wealth of experience and a track record delivering digital business goals and growth. Ryan has developed high spec, bespoke WordPress websites and specializes in technical digital marketing and routes to market. Ryan works closely with clients and partners, often integrating with in-house developers and wider teams.