Combining experience, creativity, meticulous financial and project management with a sustainable approach.

Like us, clients want to deal with people who know what they are talking about and have the skills and experience to deliver. Clients want the reassurance their brand will be cared for by a team as passionate about it as they are.

Embracing conferences, exhibitions, green field events, brand activations and incorporating hybrid and virtual solutions we work with clients to create an experience that gets people talking for all the right reasons.

In addition to delivering events and experiences we provide a full suite of social media and content production services.

Full Service Event Management

Brave – Different – Fun – Responsible

A full suite of international event services: strategy, planning design, logistics, production, measurement, hybrid and virtual.

International Event Management

Connected globally – delivering locally.

An extensive track record and experience delivering international events, having managed tactical and large-scale projects worldwide for global brands and business clients.

Web3, Tokens & NFTs

Quintessential NFT Festival/Event Activation Model


Festivals and Events are constantly evolving and innovating:

  • The festival escape
  • Fresh focus on food and drink
  • The alternative experience
  • Festivals within the festival
  • The VIP experience
  • Cashless and wearable tech
  • NFTs and digital merchandise and content
  • More immersive participation
  • Sharing memories and experiences

Branding & Design

Delivering event branding services that are true to core brand values, crafted to resonate with audiences, drive awareness and communicate key messages.

Complimentary and integrated branding and design services: 3D, CAD, production, fabrication, install, international logistics, warehousing and storage.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Real time multilingual presentations and translations – engaging a global audience.

Planning and delivering a Hybrid or Virtual event requires the same high standards and attention to detail as a traditional fully live experience.

Immersive Experiences

We create bespoke events delivering a customer journey that enables audiences to be fully immersed but participating at a level that suits them. Providing unique platforms and authentic experiences that communicate key messaging in original and personalized ways.

RETAIL –  Engaging customers by activating retail and shopping environments. Immersing audiences in narrative lead creative experiences, bringing brands, products and services to life.

EXHIBITIONS & TRADE SHOWS – Delivering integrated bespoke immersive productions, communicating key messages, showcasing and demonstrating products through direct and relevant experiences.

B2B AND B2C CONFERENCES & SALES EVENTS – Contemporary, enhanced customer and audience journeys that delivery key messages in unique and personalised ways. Creating authentic and germane characters and storylines that engage in the present. Placing immersive experiences at the heart of internal and external events.

Social Media & Content Services

Designing, producing and delivering social media and other bespoke content.

Combining an in-depth experience producing creative content with an understanding of B2B and B2C end users to deliver a comprehensive suite of content production services.

The ubiquity of social media channels means that engaging & shareable content is an increasingly important aspect of the overall marketing and comms’ mix.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborating with the right strategic partner can create powerful combined outcomes, deliver wider audiences, economies of scale and increase impact.

The right collaborations can improve event outcomes – combining audiences, reducing costs and boosting impact.