Delivering memorable and sustainable experiences

Our in-house design team will work with clients to produce, fabricate and install branding, graphics and designs that suit all event scenarios. Delivering cut through and amazing experiences that can range from pop ups, tactical, strategic and bespoke events, outdoor and indoor environments to large scale, high volume conferences, shows and festivals.

Quintessential understand the responsibility entrusted when managing branding on behalf of clients, that is why we are constantly crafting and creating meaningful brand engagements that are true to brand values, resonate with audiences, drive awareness and communicate key messages.

The Quintessential team understand the customer journey and working together with our clients to assess the event space and brand assets required in order to create a cognitive map that optimises branding for maximum impact.

Quintessential provide full branding support including manufacture, international logistics, warehousing and storage.

The Quintessential approach to branding is in keeping with our sustainable ethos and code of practise. Specialising in tailored and modular assets that can be repurposed and utilised to reduce waste and costs we identify the most suitable event branding opportunities and ensure the development of a cost-effective, sustainable event branding plan. We take care to check all dimensions, logistics, access and Health and Safety issues whilst our in-house specialist design and installation teams ensure all work is best in class.