Real time multilingual presentations and translations – engaging a global audience

Planning and delivering a Hybrid or Virtual event requires the same high standards and attention to detail as a traditional fully live experience. Keynotes including integrated presentations and a mixture of live and pre-recorded video are rehearsed with support from experienced Hybrid/Virtual show producers, show-callers, directors and sound and vision technicians. To reach a global audience we offer a range of multilingual options that enable simultaneous translation and presentations in a variety of languages.

Providing clients with reassurance and business continuity is paramount. Live hosts and interviews can be conducted at our London based studios that are a safe and secure workplace providing the necessary responsible environment needed for fully operational business output while meeting stringent health and safety standards. The studios are situated in the heart of London featuring a 10m wide extended reality (XR) stage, LED backdrop, floor, audio, broadcast cameras and TV ready lighting.

All live streamed event, broadcast, virtual conferencing, hybrid or virtual event requirements can be delivered seamlessly and with best in class production. 360 degree sets, disguise servers and XR software creates extended reality taking virtual events to the next level.